built for simplicity focuses on few, but self-explanatory and sophisticated functions. Here they are:

Your Circle Organization: Graphically represented.

Once you have created your first circles and linked them, will show you your organization graphically.

Example image

All members at a glance.

Keep track of all circles, members and their role in them. Graphically arranged including a search function.

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Hello, Decisions.

See at a glance all the decisions that have been made. All circle members can automatically create and edit decisions for their circles.

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Verwalte die Themen deiner Kreise in bezahltem Abo

Der Themenparkplatz hilft dir, Themen f├╝r die Kreisversammlungen zu sammeln und zu organisieren.

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Automatische E-Mail-Reports in bezahltem Abo

Erhalte einmal pro Monat einen personalisierten E-Mail-Report mit allen neuen Entscheidungen innerhalb der Organisation und ablaufende Erinnerungen.

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All contact details of your members.

In addition to a personal login, your members also receive their own profile with name, birthday and contact details. Never search for phone numbers or birthdays again.

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Built for administrators.

In the admin center you manage circles, roles, members and all other details for your organization. You can export all data as Excel at any time, if you don't want to use anymore.

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